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Setting The New Standards: Reifenhäuser Blown Film

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Worms / Troisdorf, June 27, 2016 | At K 2016 Reifenhäuser Blown Film will be presenting a variety of innovations and modifications to the experts of the industry.


Reifenhäuser Blown Film sets the new quality standard in film flatness. In the past, only film width and profile tolerance were considered a quality feature. Reifenhäuser Blown Film has set the third quality standard in the blown film world and will offer the possibility to measure and optimize film flatness.

- Flatter film can be printed more easily in subsequent processing steps while the printing quality remains unchanged or can even be improved
- Higher printing speeds result in higher productivity (savings of approx. 150,000 EUR/year in addition to 150 hours printing capacity can be achieved)
- Less film camber enables a better sealing quality in FFS machines (savings of approx. 25,000 EUR/year are possible)
- Higher bond strengths allow a reduced use of adhesive in lamination processes which results in significant additional cost savings
- This technology has made its entry in the market: over the past 24 months more than 20 lines were installed and are running
- EVOLUTION Ultra Flat is a milestone in the production of lamination film

Rte _full _Evolution Ultra Flat _3_1_kl

EVOLUTION Ultra Flat is well-established in the market due to excellent web flatness properties in the production of lamination film


Reifenhäuser Blown Film will present at K 2016 the new standard in barrier blown film die head design. The combination of the advantages offered by the stack die design and the spiral mandrel distribution design results in the highest level of flexibility in terms of layer ratios and viscosities in barrier film production.

- The new standard in the distribution of layers in the die head. The market only knows spiral mandrel and stack die designs. Reifenhäuser Blown Film will launch now a new standard in die head design by combining the benefits of both technologies
- Flow channels are about 70 % shorter compared to known die head designs. They present the most compact design in the market because of an intelligent flow channel distribution

          - Shorter job change time for symmetric or asymmetric barrier structures

- Less volume, smaller die head diameter and heating from the inside and outside

          - This leads to shorter heating-up times for start-up of the line and change of raw materials

- With this design Reifenhäuser Blown Film sets a new standard for the fastest barrier blown film die head in the market
- Most simple design for upgrades to more layers, which is not possible for competitive designs
- With this new development Reifenhäuser Blown Film follows the trend of more and more layers, which we have intensified already with the 11-layer blown film line two years ago. The new die head concept now allows the production of even more layers

Rte _full _Evolution Ultra Die _kl

EVOLUTION Ultra Die provides the highest level of flexibility in the production of barrier film

EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch

Stretching of blown film becomes the new standard. What was presented at "K 2013“ as prototype has evolved in 2016 to a key technology named EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch which gives Reifenhäuser Blown Film an additional edge over its competitors.

- EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch gives our customers an easy way of down gauging with same or better film properties for numerous applications:

          -Compression bag film produced with EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch: approx. 30 % thinner, for example 50 µm instead of 70 µm for diaper packaging

          - Pre-stretched silage stretch film produced with EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch: approx. 25-35 % thinner film, for example 19 µm instead of 25 µm

          - Breathable back-sheet film produced with EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch: lower investment costs of a blown film line with EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch for the production of breathable back-sheet films compared to a blown film line with ordinary in-line MDO

- High process stability due to stretching of more amorphous film, for example less web breaks due to high level of crystallinity
- Reduced energy consumption by using the initial heat from the produced film
- Significant lower investment costs of EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch compared to conventional MDO (film stretching systems). The system is simple to operate and can be by-passed easily

Rte _full _Evolution Ultra Stretch _kl

EVOLUTION Ultra Stretch offers many advantages in film stretching processes compared to conventional MDO systems

Reifenhäuser Blown Film will be presenting the new standards for the first time at K 2016 from October 19 to 26 on the Reifenhäuser booth C22, in Hall 17, and live in production at our Open House held in parallel in Troisdorf.