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Reifenhauser invests in revitalizing its administration building in Troisdorf

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reifenhäuser invests in revitalizing its administration building in Troisdorf: Outstanding architecture and functional space for new workplaces.

Troisdorf, October 2014 | In June of this year, Reifenhäuser started revitalizing its headquarters. Now, in October the company could already celebrate the topping-out ceremony together with many invited guests. With the complete refurbishment and extension of the whole building, and the high investment in the building’s and administrative infrastructures, the Reifenhäuser Group demonstrates its orientation towards the future.

Four months after the start of the revitalization of the administration building erected in 1974, it is already possible to watch how the completely gutted structure will look like in the future. The construction works are on schedule, and the building shell will be closed in November so that the interior work can be started. The administrative headquarters of the Reifenhäuser Group will be finished to schedule so that the employees can move in in summer of 2015. About 300 new workplaces that meet the most advanced standards with regard to technique, energy, equipment and ergonomy will be created on 7,000 sqm.

The revitalization includes the following measures beyond the strategical and optical effects:

- Façade renovation according to the Energy Saving Ordinance

- Renewal of the complete technical equipment of the building, such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, sanitary facilities, electrical systems, lifts

- Extension of the 6th floor to a full storey

- Addition of a stepped 7th storey that can accomodate about 100 persons and used for events

- Creation of an ergonomic and attractive working environment based on the most advanced communications technology

The guests of the topping-out ceremony could experience a special attraction: Instead of the typical topping-out wreath, one of the huge façade elements was lifted by a crane up in the air before it was fitted accurately into the outer façade. A total of 200 of these elements of one tonne each will be mounted in the high-rise office building until November. The first storeys already appear in the new look and allow a glance at what will be created during the next few weeks – at first externally. Guests and hosts were very impressed by the progress of the construction work.

Klaus Reifenhäuser, one of the family’s three managing directors of the Reifenhäuser Group said: “This phase of renovating our headquarters is especially exciting for us. Every day we can watch how everything is taking shape, growing and becoming a marvellous perspective for us and the city of Troisdorf.“

As soon as the façade of the 32 metres high building has been closed, the complex interior work will start with the installation of up-to-date building technology including a new combined heat and power plant. A new design of the outside space will complete the overall picture of an attractive and modern administration building that meets all requirements of today.

“Those who build believe in the future.“ The Reifenhäuser Group is well prepared for the future - not only with this construction measure which is only one of many realized in the near past.

Reifen 2

Reifenhäuser invest in the revitalization of its administration building in Troisdorf -
topping-out ceremony with invited guests (from left to right):
Klaus-Werner Jablonski, mayor of the City of Troisdorf, Klaus Reifenhäuser, managing director, and Vollack's Martin Honak, responsible for the construction