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Empire Tapes PLC install fully automatic slitter

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Doncaster, UK, based Empire Tapes PLC have invested in their third tape slitter to increase production. The FA300 model, newly developed by Ghezzi and Annoni is a Fully Automitic Slitter, supplied through Mike Attard of UK agent Eurograv Limited.

This fully automatic, high output machine will handle 1.5 and 3in cores as well as being able to change to log winding within 20min. The 'FA' acronym stands for “Flexibly Automatic” whilst the '300' refers to the machine's maximum rewinding diameter. Fitted with 'plug and run' size change components, the machine is said to allow for an extremely flexible production with dedicated slit widths. It is also available with a universal change part that allows the user to accommodate less requested sizes up to 300mm. Empire Tapes purchased its first G&A semi automatic slitter five years ago, followed within six months by a second machine, this time a BA400 for 1in ID cores. Now the company aims to expand with the purchase of the FA300. Says managing director Dean Sherrif: “G&A's philosophy of offering greater flexibility and higher outputs matched our own internal desire for an automatic yet more flexible machine that can cope with and deliver slit rolls in the various widths, together with an efficient output of logged roll material. After performing trials on the FA300 we immediately decided to purchase our most expensive investment in machinery. We predict our turnover will grow from this year's £5.5M to nearly £8M after we have installed the new machine.” The new slitter will allow Empire Tapes to produce rolls of extremely high quality “guaranteeing the correct tension control of each roll, thus preventing the on-going issues that arise when using the more traditional 'log and lathe' process,” the company states. It can rewind rolls up to 12in OD with widths ranging from 9-1,650mm . Rewinding speed is up to 350m/min and only one operator is required to supervise the machine. It is expected that a fully automated packaging machine will be put in line with the FA300 to automatically shrinkwrap, label and pack the rolls into boxes.